Prof. Joseph SADAN


 I.  Books:

1. Le mobilier au Proche-Orient mdival, Leiden (E. J. Brill), 185 pp. and  42 drawings, 8 plates, 1976. Won the "Concours" of the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris).

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3. [A] Arabic Humoristic Literature and the Literary Genre 'Anecdotes on Boring Persons' (al-Adab al-hzil wa-nawdir al-thuqal’)   in the series: Literary Texts and Studies  of the Tel Aviv University, No 5, at the Sarj Press, Acre, 1984-5.

4. (With co-authors: P. Sj. van Koningsveld, Q. al-Samarrai) Yemenite Authorities and Jewish Messianism, published by the Documentatiebureau Islam-Christendom, Leiden (Leiden University, Faculty of Theology), 1990.

5.  [H] Still More Arabian Nights (Lo Elef ve-lo Layla), Tel Aviv (Am Oved; in the series of Sifrey Mofet), 2003.

6.   Et il y eut d'autres nuits, Paris (Editions Mdicis-Entrelacs, Groupe Albin Michel), 2004. 175 pp.

7.   Second and improved edition of the 3: al-Adab al-hzil wa-nawdir al-thuqal’, Cologne & Beirut (Kamel – Baghdad Editions; Manshrt al-Jamal), 2007.

8.   A Book in preparation: 

      (With co-author: S. Moreh) Dramatic Dimensions and Social Strata; Two Medieval Egyptian Plays, 200 pp.



           Other books    (methodology, editing, etc.),   see infra, section III/a 


II. Articles:

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III. Other Publications (Methodological, Teaching Textbooks, Articles in Educational Publ., Editing, etc.):    


 a.   Books and Booklets 

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b.   Editing:

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c.  Articles in Educational and Cultural Non-Academic Periodicals:

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137. On: Ella Almagor’s translation of Tawq al-hamma by Ibn Hazm, Ha-Mizrah Ha-Hadash, fasc. 48 (2009), pp. 259-265.



 --  More than 33 review articles in the literary supplements: Davar: Massa, Haaretz, Keshet, Ho, etc. are not taken into account.


 The drawings on this page are illustrations to the Arabian Nights by Arthur Boyd Houghton (1836-1875) who lived many years in the East. On the page of of the C.V. you see a miniature from a medieval manuscript of Kalila wa-Dimna  


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